Important Notice Regarding Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinner

Every year at Hope's Creek we host a grand meal for Thanksgiving and Christmas and encourage our residents to invite their family members to join them and share in the holiday cheer.  This year, we are adjusting our scheduling of both of these meals to hopefully allow more family and friends to attend and spend time with their loved ones.  Our Thanksgiving Dinner will be hosted on November 17th at 5:30 PM, and our Christmas Dinner will be hosted on December 20th at 5:30 PM instead of our usual schedule.  With these changes, we hope that more of our residents will be able to enjoy one of our wonderful holiday meals with friends and family alike.  This will be our first time hosting our holiday meals in the evening and we hope to create a very special and enjoyable event for our residents and their loved ones.  We will be sending out attendance letters to our residents shortly so, if you'd like to spend either holiday with a loved one living with us, they can help sign you up.  If you have any questions regarding either event you can contact Angela Waters at (479) 471-1900 ext:408.